About Junior


The junior stage is one crucial for establishing academic development and educational growth within the child. The term itself, “Elementary”, implies the basic foundations, which are to be established, strengthened and built upon in order to prepare the child for higher, real-world application learning, which he /she will carry with them forever.

We at TIS fully realize and wholly appreciate the paramount importance of this foundation being provided for each and every child, and we are thus committed to the belief, aim and goal that every child should and can learn to the greatest extent of their respective, individual capacities.

The teachers and staff at TIS are dedicated to the goal of ensuring that each child is assessed to identify their highest potential, to build upon it and empower them to recognize the latent talents and inherent aptitude within themselves to build unending confidence and strive for the best.

TIS strives for students to become lifelong learners by actively pursuing academic and social competence in a multicultural environment. Students are encouraged to be risk-takers and inquirers who develop understanding, tolerance, and appreciation of diverse traditions and beliefs.

In order to accomplish these goals, we provide a nurturing and supportive atmosphere with high expectations to implement a challenging and comprehensive program of global education.

To facilitate the achievement of this goal, TIS has adopted tried and comprehensive curricular models of study methodology currently employed by schools around the world. The comprehensive course of study covers educational material and subjects ranging from English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Art, Music, and Physical Education, while incorporating indispensible local curricular topics such as Arabic, Qur’an and Religious studies and local Social Studies courses offered in the Arabic language.

Additionally, an added, unique alternative of Turkish language studies and EFL instruction are offered to the students.