About KG

Kindergarten is a time that children begin a lifetime of learning. It is a year for learning, growing, making friends, and a lot of fun, too!  Our days are filled with stories, letters, phonics, numbers, writing, and many other activities and memories. It is a pleasure to have your child in our school.

We have an exciting year planned full of opportunities for learning and growing. Your child will be studying about many aspects of life including; self, home, family, and community throughout the year, in addition to the standard education Curriculum.

–         Manner and Behavior:  With regard to behavior, your child is will be learning and expected to act in a manner that will ensure safety and consideration for the feelings of others.

–         Arrival/Dismissal: our classes start at 8:30. At 12:30pm, students can be picked up, and busses will be ready to take the kids home.

–         Homework: Homework will be sent home in the kid’s dairy. It is essential that the student try to complete the homework independently with a little supervision from the parent and it will often be a “reteach” of what was covered that day/week in school.

–         Breakfast: The school will give your child a daily meal and a drink. Water bottles are also welcomed.

–         Birthdays: If your child would like to have a birthday in the school, feel free to do so. Please contacts us in advance to make the necessary arrangements.

–         Communication: The home school connection is very important. Please share with us your opinions, suggestions, and any other concerns. Thankfully, Kindergarten has a high Parent -Teacher interaction. A simple note in your child’s dairy is also an effective way.