Principal’s Welcome


I welcome you to the TIS Junior on behalf of the students, faculty and staff. The staff and I are dedicated to providing a caring, nurturing, exciting place of learning. It is essential for TIS Junior to foster a climate of high self-esteem, dedication to school and community, and a strong desire for life-long learning.

There is a joy in coming to TIS, either to teach or to learn. The atmosphere is warm, caring and friendly. As staff, we are proud of our work with children. We are a diverse staff with different talents, strengths and interests. A common bond among us is a love of children and a strong commitment to their development.

We want our students to demonstrate a daily commitment to learning, to think critically, and be willing to question, explore, and take risk in their learning. Diversity and community building are important to us. We expect our students to accept others and appreciate their differences. We believe it is important for them to learn to take responsibility for their own behavior as individuals, and as active, cooperative, group members.

TIS Junior is a community of learners and leaders. Teachers teach best and students learn and enjoy more in a positive, vital, robust learning environment. Teaching and learning become challenging and fun. Fostering a strong culture at TIS is a top priority. We want our students to show caring in the daily routines of school life and through service to the school community and their community at large.

Exemplary performance for staff and students, staff morale, and public confidence, support, and participation are crucial to our vision. We endeavor to help all children achieve their individual potential by addressing various cognitive abilities and learning styles, as well as the issues pertaining to each stage of development.

Finally, our goal is to make TIS a wonderful place to learn and grow for all children, and we appreciate any support you can offer in this adventure. Come and join us on the journey of making our students successful.

Best regards,

Mubin Fidan